About the Series

The Fields Family, The Magic Chest: Sands of Time

The Magic Chest Book Series explores the adventures of 7 year old Ethan Fields and his 9 year old sister Jessica Fields who goes by the nickname Jessie.  The children move from New Jersey to Johns Island, South Carolina with their parents into a 100 year old farm house that was left to them by their grandfather who recently passed away.

Jessie and Ethan find a magical wooden chest inside the attic of the house.  In the chest there are five items that take the children back in time on an adventure where they meet special friends and learn the mystery behind each item.

The Magic Chest Books will take children on a journey and adventure into the past and hopefully the books will open up a dialogue where parents will share their own stories about themselves when they were their children's age and stories of their relatives, history and ancestry.

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